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Dear France: Stop making me love you. The relationship is getting too serious. Either pay me to come and see you or back off for a while!

Exquisite fashion lookbook video for Dace SS’10. love love love.


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Yet again a video that is as beautiful as the song. Big fan of the cinematography in this. Plus, smoke machines! Can’t go wrong with those 🙂

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I have really enjoyed all of Coldplay’s videos from the ‘Viva La Vida’ album. They tried a lot of cool new things, creatively speaking.

Strawberry Swing is I think the latest to come from the album and is quite amazing. The amount of time that it would have taken to draw all of those pictures…the patience required…it’s quite scary thinking about it. Especially when I am planning a stop motion video myself. *so many images*

Also check out their videos for Violet Hill (one of my favourite music videos of all time) and Lovers in Japan.

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Lisa’s music videos are always so beautiful, soft and quite unique. I particularly love the styling and set design in ‘Oh! Hark!’.

Would have loved to shoot on the set! I have a thing for rusty old beds and huge wardrobes…

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I discovered Alex Turvey’s work several weeks ago, and can’t get enough. His unique vision is truly inspiring, and the blend of fashion and video is beautiful. His work is worth your time. Please visit his Vimeo channel and see more of his work (especially take the time to watch Percival)

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I’m posting this not only because of my love of all things French, film, and black and white, but because it was made by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

It reminds me of something a film student would do…if they were also the head designer of Chanel and obviously had access to an obscene amount of fancy clothes.

Sadly, I was not one of those film students.

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Loved every second of this video put together by Stephane Pivron.

An excellent collection of fashion and beauty commercials that makes me want to pick up my video camera right away and film something.

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