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I have really enjoyed all of Coldplay’s videos from the ‘Viva La Vida’ album. They tried a lot of cool new things, creatively speaking.

Strawberry Swing is I think the latest to come from the album and is quite amazing. The amount of time that it would have taken to draw all of those pictures…the patience required…it’s quite scary thinking about it. Especially when I am planning a stop motion video myself. *so many images*

Also check out their videos for Violet Hill (one of my favourite music videos of all time) and Lovers in Japan.


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I found this video a little while ago through Daydream Lily and immediately fell in love. It combines my love of film, photography and A Fine Frenzy.

The video was made by Gallant and Keen. Please visit their site. Such a talented couple!

Will hopefully be creating my own stop motion video soon. Fingers crossed!

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