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This is one of those videos I wished I had made. It’s just ridiculously cool, as is Florence. I don’t normally want to see people perform live, but I’d go to her concert given the chance. Such great music!

Plus, red hair is totally awesome. I want to photograph more red-headed peeps. Starting with her! She’s quirky, and seems to like the outrageous. I like people who are willing to step outside the box and aren’t afraid to look ‘silly’.

Can anyone make this happen?


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I hope people by now recognise my love for all things ‘dancing in the street’.

I’ll die a happy woman if I see a spontaneous dance like this in the city I live in.

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Yet again a video that is as beautiful as the song. Big fan of the cinematography in this. Plus, smoke machines! Can’t go wrong with those 🙂

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If you are a fan of writing, filmmaking, or any artistic struggles in general, then I believe you’d enjoy reading Tim’s blog. Tim is a screenwriter/author/director in the making, and often writes with much wit and intellectual humour. It’s an honest reflection of how hard it is to keep going on those days where inspiration or drive isn’t there, which every artist goes through at some point.

So go check it out. It’s packed full of fun tales and interesting facts. Lacks pictures though, which is why I have put a little typewriter in this blog.

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