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Dear France: Stop making me love you. The relationship is getting too serious. Either pay me to come and see you or back off for a while!

Exquisite fashion lookbook video for Dace SS’10. love love love.


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This is one of those videos I wished I had made. It’s just ridiculously cool, as is Florence. I don’t normally want to see people perform live, but I’d go to her concert given the chance. Such great music!

Plus, red hair is totally awesome. I want to photograph more red-headed peeps. Starting with her! She’s quirky, and seems to like the outrageous. I like people who are willing to step outside the box and aren’t afraid to look ‘silly’.

Can anyone make this happen?

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Yet again a video that is as beautiful as the song. Big fan of the cinematography in this. Plus, smoke machines! Can’t go wrong with those 🙂

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All I can say right now is WOW WOW WOW! Is it normal to want to live inside a video? Cause I’m having strange, new feelings right now. I want to live in this Noir masterpiece!

At first I thought, ‘mmm, pretty Noir film, should be a nice watch’, but then the slow motion and special effects kick in…and the music! I’m in love with the whole thing.

Directed by: Arev Manoukian
Produced by: Stephanie Swedlove & Arev Manoukian

You should also watch the Making Of because if you are anything like me, you’ll be dying to know how they did it. And let’s just say, it looks like it was a lot of work.

Genius. Absolute genius.

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A beautiful yet artistically quite simple music video filled with so much vulnerability.

I love Lykke Li, not only because her music is so rich (with happiness or sadness…depending on the song!), but because in all her videos, she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else. She seems quite shy/awkward in front of the lens, but she still does it. Sometimes she dances, sometimes she just stands there. But you always believe her performance.

Amazing song. Amazing video. Where’s my camera? I need to shoot something!

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