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Blog: Working For Free

This video has been circulating around the ‘freelance artists network’ for some time now, so I thought I would share it on my blog.

Should creative professionals continue to work for free, in a world where ‘nothing comes without a price’?

Would you work fulltime (and longterm) in an office or a shop, for free or very little pay, just for ‘experience’ or because it’ll be good for your resume?

I’ve been fortunate to get a couple of small jobs this year in photography, but am still constantly sent messages asking me to do impossibly large shoots for free. I think because I am part of a ‘creative’ industry, people still assume this is a hobby for me. And I hear the same thing from designers, makeup artists, hair stylists etc. All of this is apparently just ‘fun’ for us and doesn’t cost us anything.

I’m thinking of adopting the ‘barter’ system. ‘Sure, I’ll shoot your portfolio, as long as next time I need a lift to another state, you drive me!’


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I have a slight obsession with France. And when I say ‘slight’, I mean major.

I don’t really know why. It’s probably because it combines so many loves of mine: history, art, culture, european architecture…French Men…

Recently my desire to go to France to live and work has moved to another level. I’m not content with my life in Australia, and feel like I have to open another door for myself.

2010 was always going to be a year of change for me. So far things haven’t gone exactly to plan (that plan being to get a ‘normal’, non-photography related job, earn money, save and then travel). Applying for jobs day after day with no response is leaving me a little depressed. I’ve now convinced myself it’s because I am not meant to stay in this city. I have 2 options: move to Sydney or Melbourne, or take the leap and go straight to France.

Both are scary options, considering a) I have not lived out of home or by myself before (something I am not that concerned about, being 22 and all!) and b) I currently have no savings to speak of – the joys of being self employed in a recession. But I won’t let those things hold me back. I’m a firm believer that if something is meant to be, it will be, no matter the odds.

Has anyone out there ever made such a drastic move? (It doesn’t need to be France…just anywhere) I’d like to hear some of your experiences.

Does anyone live in France and have some advice? Does anyone want to fly me over to France? I promise to take your photo all the time and make you cookies 🙂

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(a ‘preview’ of a shoot I’ll be posting soon)

Before I drag myself off to work (unfortunately it’s not ‘photography’ work, so I am sad), I thought I would ask anyone out there who is reading this blog, what they’d like to see in it.

The options are:

1. More photos and videos from myself

2. details on how I shoot/work

3. features of other artists

4. more random/fun inspiration posts

Leave a comment. I want to make this blog as viewer/reader friendly as possible!

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