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After spending the last 24 hours in bed completely and utterly sick, I finally made the effort to get up and do some work. But before I started work, I found an amazing blog post over at The Fashionisto that you should all check out. Amazing lighting and very striking portraits. I won’t repost all of the pictures here, just my favourite. Click the link to see the rest!


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If you are a fan of writing, filmmaking, or any artistic struggles in general, then I believe you’d enjoy reading Tim’s blog. Tim is a screenwriter/author/director in the making, and often writes with much wit and intellectual humour. It’s an honest reflection of how hard it is to keep going on those days where inspiration or drive isn’t there, which every artist goes through at some point.

So go check it out. It’s packed full of fun tales and interesting facts. Lacks pictures though, which is why I have put a little typewriter in this blog.

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I have really enjoyed all of Coldplay’s videos from the ‘Viva La Vida’ album. They tried a lot of cool new things, creatively speaking.

Strawberry Swing is I think the latest to come from the album and is quite amazing. The amount of time that it would have taken to draw all of those pictures…the patience required…it’s quite scary thinking about it. Especially when I am planning a stop motion video myself. *so many images*

Also check out their videos for Violet Hill (one of my favourite music videos of all time) and Lovers in Japan.

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I have a slight obsession with France. And when I say ‘slight’, I mean major.

I don’t really know why. It’s probably because it combines so many loves of mine: history, art, culture, european architecture…French Men…

Recently my desire to go to France to live and work has moved to another level. I’m not content with my life in Australia, and feel like I have to open another door for myself.

2010 was always going to be a year of change for me. So far things haven’t gone exactly to plan (that plan being to get a ‘normal’, non-photography related job, earn money, save and then travel). Applying for jobs day after day with no response is leaving me a little depressed. I’ve now convinced myself it’s because I am not meant to stay in this city. I have 2 options: move to Sydney or Melbourne, or take the leap and go straight to France.

Both are scary options, considering a) I have not lived out of home or by myself before (something I am not that concerned about, being 22 and all!) and b) I currently have no savings to speak of – the joys of being self employed in a recession. But I won’t let those things hold me back. I’m a firm believer that if something is meant to be, it will be, no matter the odds.

Has anyone out there ever made such a drastic move? (It doesn’t need to be France…just anywhere) I’d like to hear some of your experiences.

Does anyone live in France and have some advice? Does anyone want to fly me over to France? I promise to take your photo all the time and make you cookies 🙂

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A beautiful yet artistically quite simple music video filled with so much vulnerability.

I love Lykke Li, not only because her music is so rich (with happiness or sadness…depending on the song!), but because in all her videos, she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else. She seems quite shy/awkward in front of the lens, but she still does it. Sometimes she dances, sometimes she just stands there. But you always believe her performance.

Amazing song. Amazing video. Where’s my camera? I need to shoot something!

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Lisa’s music videos are always so beautiful, soft and quite unique. I particularly love the styling and set design in ‘Oh! Hark!’.

Would have loved to shoot on the set! I have a thing for rusty old beds and huge wardrobes…

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(Some images NSFW)


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