Finally getting around to posting this. It was my first published magazine editorial (YAY!). It has a few more pages, but I unfortunately don’t have the jpgs. So instead I’ll post some outtakes under the cut.

Special thanks to the team!

Model: Anekie. Makeup and Hair: Tracie Weaver. Styling: Begitta Stolk. Assistants: Charmaine and Adam.

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So this man, Jon Kortajarena. Model, actor, all round hot man. I want to photograph him. More than I want to move to France. More than I want to have a successful creative career. More than I want to be alive tomorrow (if I were to photograph him today).

He’s amazing. Versatile, interesting to look at (not just pretty, but alive with character), and Spanish. (The fact that he’s Spanish is definitely a bonus). He’s also an actor (appearing in Tom Ford’s film ‘A Single Man’), and I like models with acting ability. Makes for more creative shoots.

He kind of looks like Robert Pattinson. But better. Someone should tell dear old Rpattz that someone has been doing his look (including the wild hair) but better.

I should warn you: this post is very image heavy. But the images are awesome. Not just because of Jon, but he’s worked with/for some AMAZING photographers and stylists. This guy is a superstar. I want to smooch/shoot him. The relationship would be entirely professional. *cough*


(pictures found trawling the archives of the Fashionisto)

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So many ‘shadows covering faces’ in this shoot. I love it! Just goes to show that you can break the rules of photography and still make amazing photographs!

Beautiful styling in this also. Simple, effective. And there’s a ‘pirate’ shirt. If I ever meet a man wearing a pirate shirt, looking this good, you might want to hold me back.

Excellent shoot by Laurence Ellis for Muse magazines. Features Jacques Naude.

Found on the Fasionisto

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Found this beautiful yet quite simple shoot from Vman magazine.

Shot by Alexander Huseby. Styled by Nicola Formichetti and features Mathias Lauridsen and Rie Rasmussen.

I like anything with a bit of fantasy in it. There’s some lovely, crazy accessories and clothes in this shoot, and when put into there ‘warehouse’ setting, brings the ‘fantasy’ back to earth.

(Just a warning to readers: my obsession and drive to become an influential ‘male fashion photographer’ is obviously resulting in me posting a lot of male editorials. I hope this is a GOOD thing in your minds!)

Please click to see the rest of the editorial.

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Dear France: Stop making me love you. The relationship is getting too serious. Either pay me to come and see you or back off for a while!

Exquisite fashion lookbook video for Dace SS’10. love love love.

This is one of those videos I wished I had made. It’s just ridiculously cool, as is Florence. I don’t normally want to see people perform live, but I’d go to her concert given the chance. Such great music!

Plus, red hair is totally awesome. I want to photograph more red-headed peeps. Starting with her! She’s quirky, and seems to like the outrageous. I like people who are willing to step outside the box and aren’t afraid to look ‘silly’.

Can anyone make this happen?

I hope people by now recognise my love for all things ‘dancing in the street’.

I’ll die a happy woman if I see a spontaneous dance like this in the city I live in.